Beach holidays in Caorle will make the whole family happy.

Caorle is a picturesque seaside town with a long beach that stretches out over 7 km of coastline. The resort developed around a charming fishing village with an exceptionally beautiful old town centre that makes it a pleasure to visit all year round and not just in the summer.

Caorle What to see

The houses in Caorle centre are painted in a wide range of bright, cheerful colours and its narrow streets have a Venetian feel to them. The town divides the beach into two areas, which are known as the Levante (East) and Ponente (West) beaches.

On the large expanse of sand, you can find all of the services that are essential for families with children who want to enjoy carefree holidays by the sea. Caorle is also an ideal destination for teenagers and sports enthusiasts thanks to the numerous sports on offer on the beach and in dedicated facilities. Countless events are held here, including national basketball tournaments, athletics and youth games. They often take place in the Palaexpomar exhibition centre and the nearby municipal stadium.

In Caorle, you have the natural world on your doorstep: it is only a short distance from Brussa and the Valle Vecchia lagoon conservation area, which is run by the WWF and safeguards a large number of animal and plant species by providing the ideal habitat. Bike rides and walks among the flora and fauna are an absolute must!

And we mustn’t forget the delicious Caorle cuisine: if you like fish, this is the place for you! The local restaurants and trattorias serve traditional dishes that are made with wholesome ingredients, including freshly caught fish from the Adriatic.

Food and wine in Caorle

Partly due to its fishing village traditions and partly thanks to its proximity to Venice, Caorle boasts a vast selection of local and regional specialities in terms of both food and wine.

Ci sono spiagge libere a Caorle?

Diviso tra la spiaggia di Ponente e quella di Levante, Caorle ha un caratteristico litorale di sabbia fine e dorata, mare pulito e un lungomare curato dove poter fare lunghe e piacevoli passeggiate.

Caorle – The old town centre

The little town of Caorle has a very Venetian atmosphere due to its narrow streets lined with colourful, Burano-style buildings. Perhaps that is why it is so popular and so many tourists go back to visit it every year!


Caorle beach resort is located in an area of great natural importance. The Veneto coast around the town is home to a protected lagoon environment that provides the ideal habitat for many animal and plant species.

Caorle beach

Caorle beach stretches out over 7 km of coastline, from Falconera Harbour in the East to the mouth of the Livenza River in the West. The latter separates it from the nearby resort of Porto Santa Margherita.

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