Food and wine in Caorle

Partly due to its fishing village traditions and partly thanks to its proximity to Venice, Caorle boasts a vast selection of local and regional specialities in terms of both food and wine.

Caorle’s restaurants are highly renowned because they serve freshly caught fish from the Adriatic Sea, using a wide variety of delicious recipes.

“Moscardino” (musky octopus) is a quintessential local dish that has become an emblem of Caorle. They are caught all year round and normally boiled, then flavoured with lemon or served with potatoes. Other typical dishes in the lagoon area include “sarde in saor” (fried sardines that are marinated in oil, onions and vinegar), “Nero de sepe” pasta (with cuttlefish ink sauce), and “broeto de pesse alla Caorlotta” (fish soup).

In addition, large amounts of fruit and vegetables are grown in the surrounding countryside and exceptional DOC wine is made in the Lison Pramaggiore area.



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