Caorle beach resort is located in an area of great natural importance. The Veneto coast around the town is home to a protected lagoon environment that provides the ideal habitat for many animal and plant species.

Brussa and the Valle Vecchia conservation area are unmissable for birdwatchers and anyone who loves bikes rides in the heart of nature.

Situated on the stretch of coast between Bibione and Caorle, Valle Vecchia is an area of approximately 700 hectares that is now a Special Protection Area (SPA) and Site of Community Importance (SCI) thanks to an environmental rehabilitation project that began a number of decades ago.

A huge number of animals live in Valle Vecchia. As well as lagoon and migratory birds, fish and amphibians, there are roe deer and other small mammals. You can learn all about them by visiting the environmental museum and following the marked nature trails.

Guided boat tours along the canals are another great way to explore the Venetian Lagoon. You will have an opportunity to see the distinctive, traditional homes called “casoni”, where the fishermen of Caorle once dwelled.

In the areas inland from Caorle and Brussa, the land might not be quite as wild, but it is nonetheless perfect for bike rides in places such as the banks of the Livenza River, as well as visits to the little, old villages of Ca’ Corniani and Ca’ Cottoni and estates that make outstanding agricultural products. The latter include wine, which is one of the crowning glories of this part of the Veneto region.



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