Caorle beach

Caorle beach stretches out over 7 km of coastline, from Falconera Harbour in the East to the mouth of the Livenza River in the West. The latter separates it from the nearby resort of Porto Santa Margherita.

The vast expanses of sand on Caorle beach make it the ideal place for long strolls and it slopes gently down into the sea, so it is perfect for children of all ages. They can play safely on the shore and have great fun splashing around in the shallow water.

Caorle beach is divided into the Levante and Ponente areas, which are respectively found to the East and the West of the old town centre: wherever you choose to go, you’ll find umbrellas with sun loungers and deck chairs for hire, public areas of the beach, showers, toilets, and play equipment on the beach for children.
The sandy shore in Caorle is safe for everyone: lifeguards keep their eyes on the sea at all times and are always ready to help anyone in need, while there are a number of first aid stations on the beach.

Free entertainment is provided in the morning and the afternoon from Monday to Friday. There are a number of meeting points on the beach. It’s a marvellous way to make new friends and have fun with others! Strong, confident swimmers can have a whale of a time going out to the floating platforms facing Ponente beach, sunbathing among the gentle waves and diving into the water.
On the seafront, there are plenty of pedalo rental firms, windsurfing and canoeing schools, and beach volleyball, beach tennis and bocce courts. On the large public areas of the beach, you can fly kites and enjoy impromptu games of beach tennis and football.

The beach is fully accessible to disabled people thanks to specially created boardwalks that make it easy to get to the umbrellas in wheelchairs.

A special beach wheelchair for getting around on the sand is also available. In addition, visitors can always ask the beach staff for anything they want or need.



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