Caorle – The old town centre

The little town of Caorle has a very Venetian atmosphere due to its narrow streets lined with colourful, Burano-style buildings. Perhaps that is why it is so popular and so many tourists go back to visit it every year!

The name of the main street in the old town centre is Rio Terrà. During the summer, it is full of visitors who wander up and down shopping and occasionally take a break to enjoy an ice cream in one of the many cafés and ice cream parlours. From Rio Terrà, visitors can take the small, narrow streets that lead to the seafront promenade, with its array of multi-coloured buildings with flower-filled balconies, the aroma of food in the air and seagulls calling on the beach.

It is only a short walk to the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, with the unmistakable cylindrical bell tower majestically standing tall alongside it and the Madonnina promenade just around the corner.

The Madonnina seafront promenade is one of the most distinctive parts of Caorle. Running all along one side are large rocks that are sculpted by outstanding artists every year during the annual “Scogliera Viva” (“Living Rocks”) competition. Standing prominently on a little headland between the Levante and Ponente beaches is the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo: a little church to which the fishermen and all of the people of Caorle are devoted.

This little seaside town was founded by fishermen and they have always been at the heart of the community. It is still plain to see in the old harbour, where the fishing boats lie at anchor. Early every morning they head out to the open sea to catch the fresh fish that is served in delectable dishes in the many restaurants and trattorias in the town and the surrounding area. In the harbour, it is still possible to see traditional boats known as “bragossi”, which have multi-coloured sails and are decorated with the coats of arms of noble families. There are also some old-fashioned lagoon fishing boats called “caorline”, which are now used in regattas and historical re-enactments.



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