Bibione: in the heart of nature

Bibione goes to great lengths to protect and preserve the natural environment all around it: there are numerous green areas, pine woods and conservation areas where significant species of plants and animals live. It’s no surprise that Bibione was the first tourist resort in Europe to register with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

One of the greatest displays of natural beauty can be found near the Bibione lighthouse and the mouth of the Tagliamento River: it is covered with thick pine woods and typical Mediterranean plants thrive there. In addition, numerous water birds can be spotted because it is an ideal habitat for them. The lighthouse area is easily accessible for everyone who wants to savour a little peace and quiet in natural surroundings, with only the song of the cicadas breaking the silence. Paths that both adults and children can cycle or walk down easily wind their way through the pine wood.

Another area of great natural interest is the Vallesina Park and Val Grande area, where wild vegetation grows and the lagoon environment provides an ideal habitat for large numbers of cormorants and other birds and many species of animals, such as fallow deer, frogs and European pond turtles.

On boat trips in the lagoon between Bibione and Caorle you can explore the natural environment and discover local traditions, with visits to “casoni”: the old fishermen’s home that are now used by their owners as places to relax and for holiday accommodation.

For lovers of the great outdoors, there are countless opportunities to get back to nature in Bibione, thanks in part to the cycle paths running all of the way up and down the resort. They are great for long, safe walks and bike rides.



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