Entertainment in Lido Altanea

In Lido Altanea, there is free entertainment for guests on the beach, in the hotels and in the campsite all day long. It continues in the evening in the Happy Arena. Games, music, dancing, tournaments and sport help to keep tourists entertained and give them the opportunity to make new friends.

A special effort is made to keep children amused. At the Mini Club they can play and have fun outdoors, breathing in the fresh, clean sea air as they run, jump and make friends. Experienced, expert staff help to keep them safe at all times. There are also activities for adults on the beach, such as water aerobics and physical training courses, and tournaments on the shore or the courts and pitches of the Sporting Club Altanea.

In the evening, the fun continues with games, musicals, cabaret, plays and shows by the entertainment staff, with support from the tourists.

However, the moment that all children look forward to the most in the evening is the Baby Dance, when they all move to the sound of some stunning music.


Lido Altanea

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